Manatees still considered endangered in Florida

Man, this holiday season is keeping me waaaay too busy. I just wanted to post a quick update about the manatee status I recently blogged about. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission voted to keep manatees on the state’s endangered species list, the Bradenton Herald and other sources reported. Apparently, Gov. Charlie Crist also wanted manatees to remain on the state endangered list (as they are on the federal endangered list).


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    Sandy Short said,

    I was hoping that manatees in Florida were making a comeback. They are still on the endagered species list apparently. Time will tell.

  2. 2

    earthrehab said,

    Keeping Manatees on the Endangered Species list is important for our Water Quality Monitoring efforts.
    Could you imagine if these wonderful mammals did not swim throught our Aquifer and estuaries?
    Having a creature like this in Florida helps environmental groups fight on the front line vs. Lobbyist and politicians.
    I actually saw a manatee bump into some beachgoers in Jupiter 2 days ago. What a sight.

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