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Blog Action Day for the environment

Today is Blog Action Day, when anyone with a blog can choose to participate in this day of writing posts specifically about the environment.

But when you have an environment-themed blog as I do, you write about the environment every day. So I guess every day is Blog Action Day around here.

This blog is an extension of the general EcoFlorida Web site, which I started in 1999. At the time, finding information on visiting Florida’s natural areas was practically impossible. When you did find something out, it was often old information that hadn’t been updated, or it was nothing more than a phone number to call. The government agencies that manage these areas didn’t seem to know yet how to use the Internet to provide recreation information. Florida’s natural areas are so rich and diverse. They were (are!) just waiting to be explored and appreciated. I wanted to help get the word out about these wonderful areas.

There are many more online resources for Florida’s natural areas today, and that’s great! I think visiting and really getting to know the true Florida is a perfect way to get interested in our environment. During an interview with private conservationist MC Davis, he told me a quote from philosopher Baba Dioum: “For in the end, we will conserve only what we love, we will love only what we understand, and we will understand only what we are taught.”

So, clearly, education is important — and going down a trail, or exploring Florida’s coral reefs, or spotting wildlife you’ve never seen before — is a fun way to start learning.


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Churches warming up to anti-warming

Can picking through garbage to look for ways to reduce waste, and driving a hybrid vehicle, bring you closer to God? A central Florida woman believes so, as profiled in this Washington Post article on Christians looking for ways to reduce global warming. Seems groups like Conservation International and the Sierra Club are reaching out to churches, with one source saying right-wing Christian evangelicals are an “enormous influence” in politics.

I sometimes get a newsletter/magazine called Creation Care from the Evangelical Environmental Network, which supports the idea that believers need to take care of the world God created. I say Amen!

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4H project: Restore staghorn coral in Keys

” ‘4-H, you think of growing pigs, cows and chickens,’ [Ken] Nedimyer laughs.  ‘We said, we’ll grow coral.’ ”

I love this coral restoration story, by NBC News. A Keys native who makes his living selling tropical fish online discovered endangered staghorn coral growing in his own tank. So when his teenage daughter needed a 4H project, they decided to work with Mote Marine Laboratory to help restore the coral, planting the staghorn to help revive dying reefs.

The article also mentions the Florida “Protect Our Reefs” license plate, whose funds go to Mote to aid in research on dying reefs — and that’s the license plate on my car!

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Eco-blogs target younger generations

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Activists blast offshore drilling proposal

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