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I just found out about the Drought Diary blog by Palm Beach Post reporter Bob King. Interesting stuff — especially the post Are we all in a drought? Really?

I have always preached the necessity of having a campground reservation. Sun-Sentinel columnist Ralph de la Cruz is now lamenting the fact many campsites are booked 11 months in advance after he couldn’t get a campsite for a father/daughter camping outing because everything was already booked. It’s a combination of not having enough public campgrounds, he says, and the fact many people practically live at Florida campgrounds during the winter….

Should conservation land be used to support alternative energy? Many people in St. Lucie are saying no, according to Craig Pittman at the St. Petersburg Times.

And Real Simple magazine has a feature on its Web site about compensating for your carbon footprint. Other links on the page take you to information about cutting energy costs and ways to reuse items in your home.

Finally, there’s an interesting Q&A about the environmental impact of drinking orange juice from concentrate vs. fresh at Slate. Because Florida is the orange juice king, I thought this was interesting on a local angle.


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Natural gas terminal could be dangerous

“When she was good, she was very, very good,
But when she was bad, she was horrid.”

That’s a nursery rhyme I remember for some reason. That’s what came to mind when I read about the natural gas terminal that’s proposed to be built offshore of Ft. Lauderdale. Sure, the chances are slim that there would be any problems, but if there’s a fire? Heaven help us. (Paraphrase from the Sun-Sentinel.)

Fishermen and environmentalists alike are concerned about the effects of this. Considering just a year ago, a company decided against piping gas to the area from the Bahamas and that the area just decided to close an anchorage there to protect the reef, maybe they should leave well enough alone.

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More talk about Florida coal plants

Last week, I blogged about how three coal proposed plants have been canceled. But there are still nine more coal plants planned in Florida within the next eight years, according to the Palm Beach Post. The article says proponents point out that new coal plants aren’t like the old coal plants because they will be cleaner. And in fact, there is a “coal rush” throughout the country as people try to depend less and less on foreign fuel sources. However, residents and environmentalists don’t want the plants around, puffing mercury and other polluting chemicals into the environment. The article is in-depth and looks at other pros and cons as well as the the economics of coal.

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Third planned coal plant in Florida canceled

For the third time since June, a proposed coal plant has been nixed in Florida — this time by Tampa Electric, the St. Petersburg Times reports.

Even Governor Charlie Crist said he’s glad the company decided against coal in the hopes it will mean a cleaner energy choice, concerned about global warming.

If these canceled plans to burn coal are any indication, is it possible that no more new coal plants will be built again?

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Governor giving Florida a green name

Florida Governor Charlie Crist is making a name for himself and for Florida when it comes to energy. He spoke at a climate change conference in New York with former President Bill Clinton to announce Florida Power and Light would be building a solar energy plant
that would reduce carbon emissions by 2 million tons over the next five years, according to the Associated Press. That’s just one of many appearances Crist is planned to make around the world in the coming weeks, all in the name of better energy choices, the St. Petersburg Times reports. Crist reportedly wants to put Florida “at the forefront of the growing worldwide movement to reduce greenhouse gases,” the article says. What a good thing to be known for!

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Florida’s energy action plan

Yesterday, Gov. Charlie Crist created the Florida Governor’s Action Team on Energy and Climate Change — what some are calling his “green team.” The 21 members are in charge of the Energy and Climate Change Action Plan.

The team’s first action: by Nov. 1, they are supposed to come up with a way to conserve energy and rely less on fossil fuels to reduce greenhouse gases. In a news release, Crist said, “More than 70 percent of Florida’s electricity is generated by fossil fuels, which contribute to our state’s carbon emissions. By diversifying, we can reduce greenhouse gas emissions and protect consumers from volatile fuel prices.”

You can read more about Crist’s green team appointees here.

If you were on the green team, what would you do?

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FPL has a store?

Florida Power and Light has just opened an online store to sell energy-saving devices, this article says (although I’m sure the news is everywhere by now). At the FPL store, there are thermostats, fans, lighting and a self-powered emergency radio. What I think is funny is the article quotes an FPL spokesperson as saying FPL isn’t interested in making money from the store — that it’s just for the convenience of its customers. So, what do you think? Will you shop there?

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