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Comment today to refurbish Flamingo

Flamingo, Everglades National Park

Thanks to a Sierra Club list, I found out today is the last day for public comments on what happens to Flamingo in Everglades National Park, which was ruined by hurricanes Katrina and then Wilma in 2005.

The picture above is a photo I took on New Year’s Day 2006, after Everglades National Park had just started letting people back into the area. I don’t know why they allowed people to visit Flamingo, because nothing was there — you couldn’t launch a boat, nothing was open, and what you see in the picture — that’s what things were like. A ranger sat at a picnic table to tell the few of us who showed up more pictures of the destruction.

This is what Flamingo could look like:

Now there’s a chance to rebuild Flamingo, and you can comment on it here.

Picture from Miami New Times


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Happy birthday, Everglades National Park!

If Everglades National Park had a birthday cake, what would it look like? I imagine a freeform shape with various habitats portrayed on it: freshwater marsh, cypress domes, mangroves…maybe a great blue heron in flight….

Well, Everglades National Park is having a birthday — its 60th — and there will be a cake! There is a weeklong celebration going on starting this Saturday.

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Everglades projects should now get funding after veto override

Well, it has happened: the Senate approved to override President Bush’s veto of the water bill that will fund Everglades restoration and other water projects across the country, according to the Miami Herald and other reports. The House of Representatives already overrode Bush’s veto — now the Senate’s seals the deal for almost $2B in funding for Everglades projects.

Bush reportedly vetoed the bill because of the huge $23B price tag.

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A step closer to Everglades funding

Less than a week after President Bush vetoed a bill that would have funded Everglades restoration and several other water projects around the country, the U.S. House overrode that veto, according to the Sun-Sentinel and other reports. If the Senate also overrides the veto, that bill will provide funding for several projects for Everglades restoration.

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Pythons increase in Everglades

The next time I visit Everglades National Park, I’ll not only be looking for alligators, wood storks, liguus tree snails and deer — I’ll be watching out for pythons.

These pythons don’t belong in the Everglades, and they’re becoming a nuisance that’s gaining ground, the Miami Herald reports. There are more snakes (pets that people turned loose) turning up this year, they are spreading out more and they are consuming endangered native species, the article says.

The snakes are being trapped, but I have heard some people say they don’t think pythons will ever be exterminated from our natural areas; it’s too late.

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Everglades is still polluted, EPA report says

It’s ironic that while the state of Florida has named this Pollution Prevention Week, the EPA came out with a report today that says the Everglades are still polluted with too much phosphorus and mercury, according to the Miami Herald (and other news sources). The EPA study says it sees some progress, but that farms, development and Lake Okeechobee are still sending too much phosphorus into the ‘Glades. And mercury levels in fish still aren’t where they should be.

Guess it’s a good thing the state recently put a limit on fertilizer components.

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Everglades’ removal from U.N. list hits the fan

Remember how the Everglades was taken off the U.N. World Heritage Committee’s endangered list? (You know, because it’s already fixed and everything?) Florida Sen. Bill Nelson wants the federal government to look into why the committee’s U.S.┬árep took the Everglades off the list — and Nelson wants him fired, according to this St. Petersburg Times article. Even though scientists at Everglades National Park and at the U.N. thought the park should stay on the list, Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Interior Todd Willens agreed to take it off the list when reps from other countries asked him to. I say, “Go, senator!”

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