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Charged with alligator harassment

A reader writes:

“Please help! My husband sits every day at a the bank of a canal to eat lunch. He has many times stopped his co-workers from feeding or harassing the alligators that also appreciate the same canal. Recently he was eating lunch when a police officer approached him stating that there had been a complaint of a man harassing the alligators. They charged him! A Florida native and longtime advocate and defender of Florida wildlife, my husband has now been charged with harassment of an American alligator. Basically what I need to know to approach this correctly is the law that constitutes this charge. What is the exact law against harassing American alligators, and the possible repercussions? Thank you for your time. Kind Regards, Jessica”

Huh, that’s really something. I was under the impression — based on past news reports of alligator harassment charges — you had to be caught in the act.

I can’t offer legal advice, but you can contact your local division of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, which can tell you exactly what the law says. Your local FWC office is a good place to begin for lots of wildlife-related help.

And you should definitely contact a lawyer.

I hope your husband will continue to help spread the word against harassing alligators and other wildlife. Best wishes….


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