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Pythons increase in Everglades

The next time I visit Everglades National Park, I’ll not only be looking for alligators, wood storks, liguus tree snails and deer — I’ll be watching out for pythons.

These pythons don’t belong in the Everglades, and they’re becoming a nuisance that’s gaining ground, the Miami Herald reports. There are more snakes (pets that people turned loose) turning up this year, they are spreading out more and they are consuming endangered native species, the article says.

The snakes are being trapped, but I have heard some people say they don’t think pythons will ever be exterminated from our natural areas; it’s too late.


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Wildlife workers using transmitter to track and kill pythons in the Everglades

The python had a radio transmitter implanted to help scientists track and eliminate the nonnative species that is multiplying in the Everglades – Nov. 14, Sun-Sentinel

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