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Florida could see wildfires like California’s

California is experiencing terrible wildfires right now, with some half-million people said to have been evacuated under mandatory orders.

Could Florida be next?

A Palm Beach Post article discusses how that’s possible, according to a Forest Service climatologist: a period of drought after a period of heavy rain can lead to fires. Then Florida’s forests could become savannas, he said. If you’re into weather patterns and warming trends, this is an interesting article.


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Churches warming up to anti-warming

Can picking through garbage┬áto look for ways to reduce waste, and driving a hybrid vehicle, bring you closer to God? A central Florida woman believes so, as profiled in this Washington Post article on Christians looking for ways to reduce global warming. Seems groups like Conservation International and the Sierra Club are reaching out to churches, with one source saying right-wing Christian evangelicals are an “enormous influence” in politics.

I sometimes get a newsletter/magazine called Creation Care from the Evangelical Environmental Network, which supports the idea that believers need to take care of the world God created. I say Amen!

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How Florida could go green

I love it when newspapers offer images like maps and pie charts to show you what’s happening with the “big picture.” The St. Petersburg Times’ environment writer Craig Pittman does good work, and here he lays out how Florida’s coastline suffers from warming, where greenhouse gases come from and what Gov. Charlie Crist’s new rules on warming would do.

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Florida puts focus on climate outlook

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